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[Amazon] Free Prepper eBooks 3/22

Thanks to Ron Davis for sharing these with the prepper community


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  • The Prepper's Ultimate Medical Bible: Face Any Medical Emergency and Be Ready to Take Care of Yourself and Your Family in Situations Where No One Else ... (The Prepper's Ultimate Bibles Book 5) Kindle Edition
  • Beekeeping for Beginners: The New Complete Guide to Raise a Healthy and Thriving Beehive. How to Use Top Bar Hives, Take Care of Your Colony and Harvest Honey. Insider Tips on Working With Beeswax Kindle Edition
  • The Self-Sufficient Garden: A Beginners Guide for Turning Your Garden into a Backyard Homestead and Growing Food at Home Kindle Edition
  • Reflexology: The Essential Guide for Applying Reflexology to Relieve Tension, Eliminate Anxiety, Lose Weight, and Reduce Pain ( Reflexology for Beginners ) Kindle Edition
  • Rainbow Currency Rebellion Kindle Edition
  • SURVIVOR: Out of the Wild Kindle Edition
  • Harvesting Rainwater For Your Garden: The Ultimate DIY Guide to Create a Clean Off-Grid Water Source | Easy and Safe Solutions to Boost Your Harvest, Save Money and Grow a Sustainable Garden Kindle Edition
  • SURVIVING IN THE WOODS: A Comprehensive Guide with Tips & Tricks for Wilderness Adventure Kindle Edition
  • Knifemaking Beginner’s Guide: A Detailed DIY Handbook for creating a knife Using Cheap and Basic Tools Plus Safety Tips Kindle Edition
  • "How to Survive a Nuclear War": Practical Guide for Preparation and Survival Kindle Edition
  • Family Camping, Hiking and Backpacking: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Most Memorable Family Experience in the Great Outdoors Kindle Edition
  • Mastering Camping: 7 Essential Steps to Success. Kindle Edition


  • One Man's Opus: A Survival and Preparedness Story Kindle Edition
  • Survival Kindle Edition
  • Wild Edible Plants of California: Locate, Identify, Store and Prepare your Foraged Finds Kindle Edition
  • Mini Farming for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Growing Your Own Food: The Go To Guide For Mini Farming Kindle Edition
  • Prepper Survival Skills 101: Time to be a Prepper! Kindle Edition
  • "The Top 20 (Twenty) Items that every Prepper needs in their Bugout Bag": Time to be a Prepper! Kindle Edition
  • The Ultimate Guide To Rainwater Harvesting Systems: The Key Steps For Designing Sustainable Water Supply Systems For Your Homestead | Build Safe, Clean Water Source For DIY beginner Kindle Edition
  • Volcanoes: survival guide for kids. (Kid friendly life skills) [Print Replica] Kindle Edition
  • Sewing The World’s Greatest Hobby : Origins Of Modern Sewing , Tools of the Trade , sewing show and tell , differences between different fabrics ,needles ,Patterns And Templates ,quilting fabric ... Kindle Edition
  • The Herbal Remedies and Natural Medicine Bible: 10 in 1: The Only Guide you Need to Learn How to Grow Healing Herbs to Prepare Natural Antibiotics, Essential ... Oils and Infusions for You and Your Family Kindle Edition
  • DIY MEDICAL FIRST AID GUIDE: The ultimate essential first aid emergency practices every family should know and practice Kindle Edition


  • Valley Of Death, Zombie Trailer Park (KECK Book 1) Kindle Edition
  • DARK STATE: The terrorists know...The government knows...Now - YOU will know. Kindle Edition
  • Grow Your Own Groceries: Vegetables Kindle Edition
  • Solar Power Installation Simplified: DIY Solar Power installation in an easy and affordable 12 step process. Solar power handbook designed to power an on or off grid home. Kindle Edition
  • Beginner's Guide to Greenhouse Gardening: Start Your Self-Sufficient Journey and Grow Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs in Any Weather Condition Kindle Edition
  • Grid Down Emergency Preparedness for Beginners: A Ultimate Guide On How To Survive A Grid-Down Disaster, Make Your Home More Self-Reliance | Keeping Yourself, Your Family Safe During Crisis Kindle Edition
  • Surviving Nuclear War in One Piece: The Few Essentials You Can’t Afford Not to Know. Simple and Inexpensive Tips for Setting up a Shelter With Food, Water, ... (&Health). Even in Your Own Home Kindle Edition
  • BASIC FIRST AID GUIDE: Essential First Aid Knowledge for the Everyday Person: A Beginner's Guide to First Aid. First aid Kindle Edition
  • Root Cellaring for Preppers: Tips and Tricks to Some of the Best Root Cellaring Methods Kindle Edition
  • Healing at Home: Natural Remedies Using Things Around the House Kindle Edition


  • THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO EDIBLE WILD PLANTS FOR BEGINNERS: A Guidebook to Foraging, Harvesting, Identifying and Cooking Essential Wild Food, Herbals, Mushrooms ... Plants (Long-Term Cheap Storage Pantry 3) Kindle Edition
  • The Possum Prepper Guide: How To Buy A Homestead And Thrive During A Disaster Kindle Edition
  • Dry-Farming : A System of Agriculture for Countries under a Low Rainfall Kindle Edition
  • Homesteaders 'Quick Bites' 3 Book Bundle: Raised Bed Gardening; Growing Organic Vegetables; Raising Chickens (Homesteading Books For Beginners) Kindle Edition
  • Homesteaders ‘Quick Bites’ Guidebook: Raising Chickens - My 5 Top Tips (Homesteading Books For Beginners Book 4) Kindle Edition
  • Herbal Antivirals: Breaking Free from Big Pharma. The Natural DIY Solution to Fighting Viral Infections and Strengthening Immunity Kindle Edition
  • Disaster survival planning and recovery for pet owners, and the at-risk population: Emergency hurricane survival guide for pet owners, kids, Older Adults, and Caregivers Kindle Edition
  • The Basic First Aid Tool Guide: Step by step guide on what First Aid is,common errors while performing First Aid and treatment for medical emergencies Kindle Edition
  • Peacetime Prepping: How to Stay Prepared When Disaster Strikes: [15 in 1] Long Term Survival Guide. Kindle Edition
  • Modern Approaches in Fruit and Vegetable Production: What's New? Kindle Edition
  • The Essential Camping Handbook: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for an Unforgettable Trip Kindle Edition


  • Avoid The Mistakes As A First Time Gardener Growing Your Own Vegetables : Beginners Guide To Planting, Maintaining, & Harvesting Your Own Vegetables Kindle Edition
  • Raised-Bed Gardening for Beginners: 7 Simple Steps to Build a Healthy, Sustainable Vegetable Garden Producing Organic Food Year-Round (Self-Sufficient Living) Kindle Edition
  • Amish Canning and Preserving Cookbook: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learn to Make Soups, Sauces, Pickles, Relishes and More Kindle Edition
  • Undead Ultra: A Zombie Apocalypse Thriller Kindle Edition
  • Seed Saving: The Ultimate Grower’s Guide to Harvesting, Drying, Storing, & Sowing Your Seeds | Discover Over 200 Seeds Including Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, Hybrids & More Kindle Edition
  • The Backyard Homestead Bible: [7 in 1] Unlock the Secret to Sustainable Living with the Ultimate Guide: Start Your Mini-Farm and Achieve Self-Sufficiency in No Time Kindle Edition
  • The Climate Pandemic: How Climate Disruption Threatens Human Survival Kindle Edition
  • Foraging: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WILD FOOD Kindle Edition
  • Secrets of Warmth - Emergency Survival Section Kindle Edition
  • Greenhouse Gardening for the Modern Homesteader: Tips and Techniques for a Successful Homegrown Harvest Kindle Edition
  • Art of growing medicinal herbs: Guide to growing and using Medicinal herbs Kindle Edition
  • FORAGING WILD EDIBLE PLANTS: A Beginner's Guide on Identifying Harvesting Locating and Preparing Wild Edible Plants Kindle Edition
  • Dehydrator Handbook for Real Preppers: The 1825-day Survival Cookbook | The Ultimate Preserving Guide to Maximize Nutrient Retention with Dehydration and Survive for the Next 5 Years Kindle Edition
  • How to get home safe - every day: kindle edition Kindle Edition


  • Lethal Seasons (A Changed World Book 1) Kindle Edition
  • Manual of Surgery Volume First: General Surgery. Sixth Edition. Kindle Edition
  • A Guide to Building Container Homes Kindle Edition
  • Rainwater Harvesting Guide For Homeowners: A Complete Guide To Achieve Sustainable Clean Water For Your Home | Simple Steps To Build Safe, Clean, Off-Grid Water For Homestead Kindle Edition
  • Ready For A Sudden Grid-Down Situation: A Complete Guide To Prepare Your Home For A Grid Down Scenario | Survival Strategies To Protecting Yourself And Your Family Safe In Any Crisis Kindle Edition
  • Outrun the Night: Small Town EMP Survival in a Powerless World Kindle Edition
  • DIY PEANUT BUTTER 101: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Nut Butter at Home Kindle Edition
  • Mr. Poultry Strategies: Beginners Guide To Raising Chickens: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO START RAISING HAPPY AND HEALTHY CHICKENS IN YOUR BACKYARD Kindle Edition
  • Hydroponic Gardening for Beginners Kindle Edition
  • Basic First Aid Practical Guide: Essential Steps for Responding to Emergencies Kindle Edition


  • The All Purpose Knots Bible: [3 in 1] The Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide to Learn How to Tying 150 Vital Knots for All Needs | For Camping, Hunting & Bushcraft Included Kindle Edition
  • Prepared (Sundown Series Book 1) Kindle Edition
  • Sh!t Sun Tzu Said: Classic Warfare for the Modern Mind Kindle Edition
  • Plumbing Book for Beginners: A Comprehensive DIY Guide to Plumbing System Fundamentals for Homeowners on Kitchen and Bathroom Sink, Drain, Toilet Repairs or Replacements (Homeowner Books) Kindle Edition
  • Simple Living: 27 Reason to Move Off Grid (Live Simple and Happily) Kindle Edition
  • Survival Skills: (Free Gift eBook Inside!) Living In A Powerless World (Staying Alive When The Lights Go Out) Kindle Edition
  • Food Storage: Prepping Food and Water for Short or Long Term Needs! (One Can Never be too Prepared) Kindle Edition
  • Off Grid Living: (Free Gift eBook Inside!) Become A Self Sufficient Minimalist (Set Yourself Free) Kindle Edition
  • Foraging: (Free Gift Inside!) Harvesting and Using Wild and Natural Herbs (How To Avoid Danger, Best Time To Forage, Store Properly and Prep for Consumption!) Kindle Edition
  • What Used to be Texas: A Post-apocalyptic Dystopian Thriller Series Book 1 (What Used To Be Series) Kindle Edition
  • Solar Panels: (Free Gift Inside!) Steps to Build Your Own Solar Panels and More Inside! (Solar Panels Guide, Tips and Neat Tricks!) Kindle Edition
  • The Moscow Rules of Self-Defense: Cold War Spy Tactics for Personal Security (The Archangel Intelligence Series) Kindle Edition


  • Modern Homesteading - Self Sufficiency. 5 Books Bundle Beginners Guide: Canning & Food Preservation; Raised Bed Gardening; Raising Chickens; Growing Organic ... Control (Homesteading Books For Beginners) Kindle Edition
  • The Backyard Homestead Bible: 8 Books in 1 • The Ultimate Sustainable-Living Guide. Start from Zero and Create Your Mini-Farm to Quickly Achieve Self-Sufficiency with Step-by-Step Projects Kindle Edition
  • Bow & Arrow, Archery Set for Scouts (Illustrated "How to Build" Guide Book 1) Kindle Edition
  • Composting Guide for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Build a Low-Cost Organic Compost Garden: With Modern Technique to Improve Soil Quality, Recycle Waste, and Increase Yield Kindle Edition
  • Strange Bedfellows in Hot Buildings: A Scorched Earth Survivors Guide Kindle Edition
  • Unraveling (After The End Book 1) Kindle Edition
  • Boatbuilding For Beginners : Everything You Need To Know To Build, Paint And Fiberglass Your Boat Kindle Edition
  • The Greenhouse Gardener's Bible: [7 in 1] Start Growing Organic and Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs All-Year-Round | Including Hydroponics, Raised ... Companion Planting, and Composting Kindle Edition
  • Smoking and Salt Curing Cookbook for Preppers: 2000 Days of Easy and Delicious Homemade Recipes for Jerky, Fruit, Vegetables, and Herbs to Be Prepared for the Incoming Crisis Kindle Edition
  • Brewing Beer: From Hop to Finish (Digestible) [Print Replica] Kindle Edition
  • Root Cellaring for Preppers: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Learn the Best Methods to Build and Preserve Food in Your Root Cellar Kindle Edition
  • Tea Gardening for Beginners: An Essential Guide to Planting, Harvesting, and Blending Teas and Tisanes Kindle Edition
  • The Prepper’s Survival Bible: [14 in 1] The Definitive Guide To Face the Apocalypse & Survive Society's Collapse. Protect Your Family With Life-Saving Techniques, Home-Defense Strategies. Kindle Edition
  • Freeze Drying Cookbook: 1000 Days of Healthy, Nutrient Dense Food to Preserve for a Long Time Without Losing their Flavor. How to Easily Create your Pantry Ready for Any Eventuality Kindle Edition


  • Companion Planting in Raised Bed Gardens for Beginners: Become Self-Sufficient Growing Organic Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables All Year Round Kindle Edition
  • Scouting for Boys: A Handbook for Instruction in Good Citizenship Through Woodcraft Kindle Edition
  • The Deadlands Kindle Edition
  • Family Pandemic Survival Guide: 5 Key Strategies to Gain Knowledge, Reduce Anxiety, and Stay Safe Kindle Edition
  • A Beginner's Guide to Native American Herbal Medicine: 75 Natural Remedies for Wellness and Balance Kindle Edition
  • Beginner's Guide to Safely Foraging for Wild Mushrooms: Identifying and Collecting Mushrooms Sustainably with Confidence Kindle Edition
  • Natural Homemade Shampoo: DIY SOAP/CLEANING/ESSENTIAL OILS/SHAMPOO MAKING Kindle Edition
  • 3-STEPS NUCLEAR WAR SURVIVAL SKILLS: An Ultimate How to Survive Nuclear War Book: Lifesaving, Self-Help, Do-it-Yourself Manual on How to Survive Anything, Everything and Change You Didn't Ask for Kindle Edition
  • Undead Annihilation: A Zombie Apocalypse Thriller (The Undead Trilogy Book 1) Kindle Edition
  • DAWN of AFFLICTION: America's Last Days (Last Dawn Series Book 1) Kindle Edition
  • The Complete Guide to Freshwater Angling From Beginner to Pro Kindle Edition
  • The Top 10 (Ten) Items that every Prepper needs in their Bugout Bag : Time to be a Prepper! Kindle Edition
  • How to stay safe and prepare for an ice storm: tips and tricks from experts to safeguard your life, family, and property against meteorological storms Kindle Edition


  • The Garden of Eden: The Only Book You'll Need For Mastering the Art of Home Gardening Kindle Edition
  • Home Treatment for Acute Mental Disorders: An Alternative to Hospitalization 1st Edition, Kindle Edition
  • Distillation Control, Optimization, and Tuning: Fundamentals and Strategies 1st Edition, Kindle Edition
  • Self-Sufficient Backyard: Urban Homestead Living: A Primer on Urban Gardening, Mini-Farming and Sustainable Living Kindle Edition
  • The Art of Guerrilla Warfare: 4th Edition [Print Replica] Kindle Edition
  • Foraging Wild Edible Plants: A North America Practical Beginner book for Identifying Medicinal Herbs and Edible Food Plants and understand the Benefit of it. Kindle Edition
  • Chinese Herbal Remedies for Modern Ailments Kindle Edition
  • The Hydroponic Revolution: How to Feed the World in an Urbanized Age: Exploring the Science, Techniques, and Benefits of Sustainable Indoor Agriculture Kindle Edition
  • Herbal Antibiotics: 3 Books in 1 - A Comprehensive Guide to Making Effective Herbal Antibiotics + Effective Herbal Antibiotic Recipes and Treatments + Simple and Effective Herbal Antibiotic Recipes Kindle Edition
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