Water Storage Solutions For Preppers


Proper preparation for water storage and filtration is critical for staying alive in a prepper scenario.

As far as water storage goes, you should take a variety of approaches. Each container type has pros and cons, which is why it’s important to diversify. Different situations require different containers. I’ll cover a few water containers that I use and why I have them.

Stackable water bricks

These are your bread and butter. The most versatile option. You can stack them to amass a large storage at home. A water supply that’s divided into several smaller containers means you don’t run the risk of contamination like you do with the big barrels. One brick gets contaminated? No biggie, you have 30 more where that came from. You can even throw them in the back of your vehicle should you ever need to bug out.

My recommendation: Kirk 5 Gallon Samson Stackers

55-gallon water barrels

These are good for mass storage in terms of bang for buck. The risk with these is contamination. 55 gallons of water can be rendered useless overnight. That being said, you should still have some of these in your supply. I recommend utilizing additives such as chlorine in order to prevent contamination from occurring.

My recommendation: Augason Farms 55-Gallon Drum Barrel

Portable collapsible bags

These are good to have but not 100% necessary. They’re ultralight so throw a few in your bugout bag. Hunkering down but have to leave the bunker? These are great for a day trip for bringing extra water, much like a Camelbak bladder.

My recommendation: WaterStorageCube Collapsible Water Bag


This deserves its own category. WaterBOB is a water solution that you place in your bathtub and fill up once an emergency event occurs. This is particularly useful in emergencies where water supplies may become contaminated.

Filtration/purification solutions

There’s a million and one methods for filtering water. Here’s a few basic ones I recommend:

Big Berkey Filter - Fantastic water filtration solution to have in your home or shelter.

Sawyer Squeeze - Probably the best portable filter. Perfect for a go bag.

Potable Aqua Purification Tablets - Great to have for emergency survival purposes when boiling is not feasible. Kills bacteria in water.


This barely scratches the surface on the topic of water for preppers. You can and should go way more in-depth to cater to you individual needs. If you have the means you can also go for a massive water storage tank, but these tips are mainly geared toward a regular guy/gal prepping for emergencies.

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